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What We Offer?

We offer traders a sense of confidence with our real time alerts for equities, commodities and currencies and empower them to undertake trades on their own without any fear in their minds. The alerts generated are very user friendly and can be understood and used easily even by a new trader who do not have much experience but only have basic knowledge as to how trading is done and markets work. Besides this, we empower the traders with wide range of information about real time financial indicators pertaining to Indian markets like NIFTY and BANKNIFTY movements and also about global indices.

What Do We Do?

Smart Trading

eSauda has been newly established with a view to help retail stock market traders to provide them with state of the art alert system for equities, commodities and currencies. This is the most reliable Application and is the first of its kind in India which makes its tag line 'Trade Smart Gain Smart' extremely relevant for the kind of product this is.

Real Time Alert

eSauda uses state of the art algorithm and generates auto alerts. The Application reads charts for you, analyses price-volume action, uses multiple technical parameters and generates ‘real time’ alerts. All this is humanly not possible.

Mobile and Tablet Apps

We provide app for both Android and iOS so that you can trade peacefully from anywhere as alerts get delivered directly to your mobile. You can also customise your alerts.


Auto Identify Symbols
  • This Application Automatically identifies symbols for trading.
  • Provides clear Buy/ Sell/ Exit Signals with stop loss and targets.
High Accuracy Alerts
  • The alerts generated have excellent accuracy levels.
  • There is no need to open and watch all the charts – user friendly for any trader having no expertise of charts reading, etc.
Favorite Symbols
  • Flexibility to trade in your favourite symbols
  • Suitable for positional trades
Real Time Calculation
  • Auto Scan and Exploration function for all Scrips with real time Sound and Text Alerts
  • Support and Resistance levels calculated in real-time and dynamically
Automated Trading System
  • Application uses multiple technical indicators – an extremely intelligent system
  • Automated Trading Signals can be provided directly from this Application to your Broker’s Terminal with your own Bridge Connectivity
No Repainting
  • Non-Repainting auto Buy/ Sell/ Exit Signals - It will never re-paint
  • Back testing facility available - provides number of trades, points earned and P&L per script

Please watch the below videos (English/ Hindi) to know more about the App

Still not clear? Get free trial for 7 days’ and experience yourself..

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Exchange: NSE (Options)NSE (Index Futures)NSE (Nifty Next 50 Stocks)NSE (Nifty 50 Stocks)MCX (Commodity)NCDEX (Agri Commodity)NSE (Currency - CDS)
Profit Rs: 21,77,175.7037,78,009.3511,48,28,083.7315,64,20,472.284,19,28,230.3025,86,013.4055,55,100.00

More about eSauda Application

  • No Human Errors:

  • No human intervention

  • No human sentiments involved

  • Back testing and profitability analysis done in an auto mode

  • Easy to use:

  • Easy navigation as all the Alerts for the day appear on the 'Home' Page itself

  • User friendly alerts with proper entry, targets and stop loss levels

  • Any trader with basic knowledge of trading can use this application

  • High Accuracy and Reliability

  • Excellent Accuracy in Alerts that you can trust

  • You can choose your own favourite symbol for trading

  • Real time updates on entry, targets achievement and alert closure signals

We have apps for both Android and iOS platform - choice is yours

Register and try our app today

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And counting...


And Counting...

App Screenshots


About Us

eSauda is the developer of Application - eSauda Signals.

The eSauda Application has been developed by a qualified Chartered Account, registered with SEBI as Research Analyst, and a full time TRADER who has fairly long experience of trading in Indian Stock Market in various segments like equities, commodities and currencies. The Application has been developed keeping requirements of a ‘TRADER’ at the forefront. The Application provides real time trading alerts with excellent accuracy and one can rely on the Application.

The mission behind developing this Application is two folds (a) to provide individual Indian trader a world class system which has so far been available only to institutional or resourceful traders (b) to provide this extremely useful advisory at a reasonable and affordable cost.

The individual trader in India generally neither has expertise in charts reading nor have sufficient technical knowledge to understand and decide on the trading bets. This is what prompted the developers to design a very simple and user friendly real time alerts provider Application to empower individual trader make good money from trading.


eSauda Terminal

Equity (NSE)

Index and F&O Equities

₹ 5,000 / month

  • Monthly - ₹ 5,000/-
  • Quarterly - ₹ 12,000/-
  • Semiannually - ₹21,000/-
  • Annually - ₹ 36,000/-

Commodity - MCX

Commodities & Agri Commodities

₹ 5,000 / month

  • Monthly - ₹ 5,000/-
  • Quarterly - ₹ 12,000/-
  • Semiannually - ₹21,000/-
  • Annually - ₹ 36,000/-

Currency - NSE - CDS


₹ 2,000 / month

  • Monthly - ₹ 2,000/-
  • Quarterly - ₹ 4,800/-
  • Semiannually - ₹8,400/-
  • Annually - ₹ 14,400/-

eSauda Terminal

Equity (NSE)

Index and F&O Equities

₹ 300 / day

Commodity - MCX

Commodities & Agri Commodities

₹ 300 / day

Currency - NSE - CDS


₹ 300 / day

eSauda Terminal - Combo Offer

Equity + Commodity

Index, F&O Equities, Commodities & Agri Commodities

₹ 8,000 / month

  • Monthly - ₹ 8,000/-
  • Quarterly - ₹ 19,200/-
  • Semiannually - ₹33,600/-
  • Annually - ₹ 57,600/-

Equity + Currency

Index, F&O Equities and Currencies

₹ 6,000 / month

  • Monthly - ₹ 6,000/-
  • Quarterly - ₹ 14,400/-
  • Semiannually - ₹25,200/-
  • Annually - ₹ 43,200/-

Commodity + Currency

Commodities, Agri Commodities and Currencies

₹ 6,000 / month

  • Monthly - ₹ 6,000/-
  • Quarterly - ₹ 14,400/-
  • Semiannually - ₹25,200/-
  • Annually - ₹ 43,200/-

Equity + Commodity + Currency

Index, All F&O Equities, Currencies, Commodities & Agri Commodities.

₹ 10,000 / month

  • Monthly - ₹ 10,000/-
  • Quarterly - ₹ 24,000/-
  • Semiannually - ₹42,000/-
  • Annually - ₹ 72,000/-

eSauda - Automated Trading System

Auto Trading with eSauda Strategy

Go Automated with eSauda Strategy in any segment

₹ 30,000 / quarter

  • Quarterly - ₹ 30,000/-
  • Semiannually - ₹58,000/-
  • Annually - ₹ 1,00,000/-


We are extremely proud to say that the 99% users of eSauda have rated our Application as one of the best in class in India by awarding 5* rating and by providing very encouraging reviews on PLAYSTORE and Apple Store. This has happened in a very short span of period while eSauda is still at a very nascent stage. We are extremely thankful to all our users for their support and encouragement.

Kiran Kulkarni

I love this app for the simplicity it has. And the very humble nature of the developers. Long way to go though! .

Pallav Bhatnagar

Finally an app that gives you precise exit and entry signal. This app is perfect for day Traders who are looking for entry and exit level. Almost all targets are achieved with success rate of over 95℅ . Another great input by app is that if it sees trend reversal, it will update you so that you can close your call. For commodity traders it's of great help. You can mint money daily. Hats off to developers.

Mallikarjuna Gouda

I am beginner for Trading, it gives me confidence to trade. Very Very useful app especially for beginner's. Slowly started trading using this app. Thanks to everyone who have worked behind app. Great team work.


It's a money making machine. I have been waiting for an app like this to guide me.

Manish Yadav

An app that is helping in getting right signals of momentum in market. No app is as effective in calls as this app is.

Mahammed Shabab

Superb App. Keeps you in the right direction. One can make good money without any difficulties. Thank you eSauda for this wonderful platform. .

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