eSauda Signals

Guide for eSauda Application/ Mobile App Users:

The trading signals on eSauda Application are auto generated without any manual intervention/ human sentiments.

The Application reads technical charts, analyses price volume action and generates a BUY/ SELL alert using multiple technical parameters which is humanly not possible.

Please always use website ( for a better view of all the symbols at one place and for various other useful features.

Here is a brief guide for using eSauda Signals Application:

  1. Color Coding - The Alerts/ Notifications will be in 4 colours:
    • Green Indicates BUY signal
    • Red Indicates SELL signal
    • White Indicates Target achieved notification
    • Yellow Indicates Alert closure notification
    • (Other abbreviations used - TP1/2/3 Indicates - Target Price 1/2/3 CMP Indicates - Current Market Price PPP Indicates – Previous Profit Points CPP – Current Profit Points)
  2. Choose your favorite symbols using 'Manage Alerts' feature. You can enable your favorite symbols and you will get alerts only for those enabled symbols.
    • One can also add symbols to 'Favorites' list in the mobile application.
  3. Every BUY/ SELL alert will indicate an entry range. One should enter somewhere between the range.
  4. The App has an inbuilt system of alert closure and the notification will appear in Yellow and that will be the point of your STOP LOSS.
  5. If the 1st target is very small, please ignore and go for the 2nd/3rd target.
  6. The Signal will go into unlimited target/ profit mode after achieving first three targets and will generate a new signal only when trend reversal is observed.
  7. The alerts generated are POSITIONAL in nature and one should trade accordingly as per your risk appetite.
  8. The price appearing in alerts are of FUTURES unless CASH is mentioned